5 snacks that may contain gluten

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5 snacks that may contain gluten

I have always loved making lists. I started to make them at a young age and still do today. Then came along the seminar of our master’s. The art of list making took a whole different turn for me, and here I am yet again with a list for you all today. (Special hello to my classmates! It sure was the good old days!) 

Now don’t you panic, these snacks don’t all have gluten in them, make sure you read the label on each of the available brands thoroughly. 


I have an 8 X 5” handbag and manage to have nuts on me most of the time. But it’s important to know that most nuts found in bulk or even wrapped at your local grocery store may contain gluten. Focus on the certified gluten-free ones; they’re out there!


The good old granola bar that my mother used to put in my lunch box obviously contained gluten, no surprise there. However, there are more and more bars today with different types of grains that are suitable for a gluten-free diet.  On the other hand, wheat is often an ingredient found in some. Luckily gluten-free granola bars have made their way, and you no longer have to make do with sports bars. A wide selection is now available in most grocery stores. 


In this case, cross contamination is a risk factor. Some dried fruit may contain wheat maltodextrin, always double check what you eat.


While these aren’t the healthiest snacks, I would never judge anybody on this. While there are a few that have the Gluten-free seal, there are some that have wheat in them (I.e. licorice) or some that might be processed and made on a factory line that heightens the cross-contamination risk.


Here’s a little story that happened to me. A coworker was having a snack, and kindly offered me a few of this corn crackers. It’s most likely gluten-free right? Since it’s made with corn? Nop! How many have fallen for that, eh? No matter the amount of crackers available in stores today, a corn or quinoa crackers is not guaranteed to be gluten-free. Always, always, always read the labels and ingredients list, or look for the gluten-free logo to be 100% sure.

All in all, make sure you read the labels at all times, to eliminate the risks of cross-contamination. Happy snacking! 

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