Top 5 tips to a great holiday when coeliac

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I talked about our planned vacation a bit before we left for Cape Cod. So I figured I could tell you all about how I made this trip a huge success. It’s all about organizing and planning, of course!


1.    Rent a place that has a kitchen.

Renting a house by the sea was the best option for us. After checking out a few sites online, we found the house that best suited our needs for this vacation. The only thing was that the description of the house rental didn’t specify anything about having access to a full kitchen. So we contacted the host, and explained my situation, saying how I was coeliac and that having a kitchen was number one on our list. Their response was refreshingly positive; we were even given brand new kitchen utensils! Which goes to show that you have to ask to be answered. The house was even better than we had imagined. Dream big!


2.    Contact the hotel or bed and breakfast. I know that depending on the destination, it’s not always easy to access a kitchen in a house or a hotel room. But it should be noted that many hotels offer gluten-free options. Bed and breakfast is always a great option as well because you can easily contact the host and tell them about your illness, most would gladly accommodate you. But don’t do like we did, and forget the toaster at home!



3.    Look up the restaurants where you can eat in the area ahead of time. This basic rule is also one for the holidays. Because none of us want to start cooking up a storm after a long day at the beach, or a day spent exploring new scenery…Having a nice sit-down supper is an exciting scenario for any tired person. Although the same rules apply everywhere and it could see a bit complex to start making rounds on where you can eat at the end of the day. It’s fun to have a repertoire of places to go try out. And while some restaurants don’t officially say they have gluten-free options, if the menus seem interesting, go ahead and give them a call to see what can be done, you’d be surprised at how many can make it happen for you.





4.    Make a picnic, instead of eating takeout.

Fast food trucks on the side of the roads filled with hamburgers and hot-dogs are definitely from another time for us coeliacs. Why not make a picnic instead? A healthier option, they are often a cheaper option, and you’ll be able to eat till your heart’s content. Don’t forget the cooler when you pack the car!

5.    Bring your snacks, and do groceries once you’re out there. This goes for all coeliacs: always, always have a snack on you as a plan B. Just make sure you don’t forget it, even when you’re on vacation. It was a no-brainer for us to do groceries once we got there. We were very lucky, and our house was right by a Whole Foods, which is filled with gluten-free options.


There are obviously many other facts to consider when going on a trip. Will you travel solo? With your better half? With friends? With the whole family and kids? Just make sure you don’t forget to think about yourself and your needs!


Have a great vacation!

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