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Unless otherwise stated, all content is the property of Art of Living Gluten Free (Art de Vivre Sans Gluten). Some pictures of products could be those of the manufacturer. The content of the articles is the property of AOLGF (ADVSG). At no time may its contents be copied without prior permission.


Art of Living Gluten Free (Art de Vivre Sans Gluten) could not at any time be held responsible for defamatory content published by users. The content published on this site is published to the best of our knowledge and may be based on other information published by third parties. Art of Living Gluten Free (Art de Vivre Sans Gluten) shall not be held responsible for an errors contained on its sites. Although we strive to offer our visitors a safe shopping and eating environment, we cannot accept liability for products which are not manufactured by us. 

Art of Living Gluten Free (Art de Vivre Sans Gluten) strives to display lists of ingredients as sold. However, we can not be held responsible for an error or the change of an ingredient or ingredients by the company. We strive to offer quality gluten-free products, which are chosen according to whether they can be consumed by celiac people (less than 20ppm of gluten). Some products may not be suitable for people allergic to wheat. Refer to the product label, this one prevails.


All information transmitted during your purchases or during your subscription will only be used for the delivery of Art of Living Gluten Free (Art de Vivre Sans Gluten) Free services and will not be shared with any party. Financial information such as credit card number, name, address, etc. are managed by a third party, whick puts in place recongnized means of protection to ensure date security.


By subscribing to our monthly parcels, you consent to receive and pay, once a month, for your subscription.


The products contained in our parcels come from local gluten free artisans.  As such, the content of the boxes varies, depending on the availability of products. All of them come from merchants who work in a gluten free kitchen that are safe for celiacs. If you have any questions about the products, contact us by email at : [email protected]


When you subscribe to our surprise parcels, the payment is collected for the monthly amount of the service selected on the first day of the month. Payments can be made by credit card only. If you would like to order more than one subscription or have special needs, please email us to assess if an arrangement is possible ([email protected]). No other fees, other than subscription or additions, will be charged to you by us or any other third party


You can change or cancel your subscription at any time, however, all changes must be made prior to the first day of the month for which the change is requested. We send out e-mail reminders every month, reminding our customers to 'ship or skip' as a courtesy. It remains the customer's responsibility to manage their subscription and act accordingly. If you cancel your service after the first day of the month, you will still receive the delivery for the current month, but the service will be cancelled thereafter. If you cancel the service before the deadline and your credit card has already been charged by mistake , we will refund the full amount of the fees without penalty. No refunds will be made after the deadline.


Depending on your selection, your parcel will be shipped to :

Your home, at the address indicated when you subscribed

At your place of work

At one of our drop off locations

If you chose to receive your package at home, the following information is very important. Deliveries of ADVSG parcels are made throughout the day of delivery. We can not guarantee delivery time. Your delivery will be made to the exact address you provided during your subscription. We can not be responsible for an error made during your subscription. In times of high heat or cold, it is strongly recommended to leave a cooler outside to protect your package if you are not present to take delivery of the parcel. Our drivers take the care to take a picture of the delivered parcel and we will notify you promptly once the parcel has been delivered however, we cannot be held liable for theft damage or any other event after delivery is completed. 

Upon delivery, our deliveryman will deliver the package either: In person to a resident, or, leave the package at the specified location outside the home. If you live in a multi-unit building, you will need to provide an access code to the main lobby to allow access to your door. You can also choose to have your package delivered to a neighbor. In their absence, your package will be left either in front of their door or at a designated safe place. We can not be held responsible for the theft of your package or any damage to it after delivery. We will make every reasonable effort to keep your package safe, but can not be responsible once it is delivered. We suggest that you plan a place for this purpose if you are not home to receive delivery. If possible, leaving a cooler or an insulated container is an excellent way to protect your products and ensure their freshness. All the information that you transmit to us concerning the delivery will be transmitted to our deliverer. In the event that our delivery person can not deliver to your home safely, we will notify you and we will keep your package until further notice. Depending on the circumstances, a re-delivery fee may apply.CONFIDENTIALITÉ

Toutes les informations transmises lors de votre abonnement serviront uniquement à la prestation de service de Colis ADVSG et ne seront partagées avec aucune tierce partie. Les informations financières, telles que votre numéro de carte de crédit, nom, adresse, etc. sont gérées par une tierce partie réputée, qui met en place des moyens de protection reconnus pour assurer la sécurité des données.


The shipping is free with the subscription to the Monthly Surprise Parcels. Fees may apply for Deliveries of the Gluten Free Art of Living Shop.  Deliveries of the Gluten Free Lifestyle Packages are made by our delivery team while the grocery products are delivered by Canada Post or Purolator. We reserve the right to choose the most appropriate means of delivering your order, including using our delivery team. AOLGF reserves the option to refuse or cancel an order if no reasonable shipping options are available. In the event that no shipping options are available, we may contact you to find alternate arrangements or refund the entire amount charged, without further obligations. For any item damaged during delivery, contact Art of Living Gluten Free immediately. To contact us by email: [email protected] or by phone at 514-544-2212 (leave a detailed message in case of absence). Any claims for missing or damaged products must be made as soon as the client receives the delivery.


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